Allotment Wildlife Watch – Throughout September

10 Sep by NADCAA

Allotment Wildlife Watch – Throughout September


What do we want you to do?

Record what you see on your allotment: birds; insects; reptiles; mammals; – using the sheet which you can download below.
Children and adults can take part.
Pick up the sheets to record what you see from the shop or your field manager or download them below.

When do we want you to do it?

For one hour during September and then return the sheets to your Field Manager.

Why do we want you to do this?

So that we can show how valuable allotments are to the environment and wildlife in the area e.g. to the Council who we rent our allotments from. On a visit by Devon Wildlife Trust to Decoy we were complimented on the ponds, wildlife areas, fruit trees etc. all of which encourage wildlife and provide food and shelter for them. Many of the allotment fields have these, so well done everyone.

We are also taking part with Devon Horseshoe at Project to see if we have bats using our allotment. We will be monitoring Decoy Field from September 30th to October 3rd with a bat monitor loaned from the above project. All our other fields have already been monitored by other groups of people. We will keep you posted about the results later in the year.

Thank you for your help – Meryl Basham & Claire Axford