The Association has been in existence since the beginning of the 20th century, and Lord Courtenay is known to have donated the land currently known as Decoy Field to unemployed soldiers returning home from the war. It is a totally voluntary organisation, with a Management Committee that run the five fields on behalf of both the Landlords and the Members, elected by the members.

Today there are five fields:

  • Blake’s Field
  • Bradley Field
  • Coach Road Field
  • Cooke’s Field
  • Decoy Field

The fields vary in size from 22 plots to 106 plots and are run by Field Managers elected by the Members.

The Management Committee – Our President

Lord Clifford of Chudleigh D.L. is our President. He offers advice and attends Social Evenings etc. when his busy schedule allows. He is very supportive of the allotment movement and we consider ourselves very lucky to have his patronage and support.

Management Committee – Officers

  • The Chairman
  • The Company Secretary
  • The Treasurer
  • The Administrator
  • The Membership Secretary
  • The Shop Manager
  • The Health & Safety Officer
  • The Judging Officer
  • The IT/Website Officer
  • The Environmental Officer
  • The Field Manager Support Officer
  • Six Field Managers


Committee Meetings are held 10 times a year and members can attend providing they  give prior notification to the Secretary.

The A.G.M. is open to all members and is usually held in March.

The Awards / Social Evening is usually held in September or October.

Emergency General Meetings are usually held on the field concerned if circumstances require them.

The Community Shop

The shop was opened in 2003 after securing a Lottery Grant. It is located on Decoy Field and is open to all Association members as well as the public. Membership is £1.00 per annum. Opening times are posted at the shop.

Annual Field Judging

All members can take part in the Annual Field Judging and enter their plot. Judging usually takes place in July. Judges are sourced from local garden centres and have no link to members to ensure fairness throughout.

The six members with the highest marks on each field all receive a certificate whilst the top 3 get a rosette with the highest scorer winning the field cup.

The Field Cup Winners go forward with the highest scorer winning the Lord Clifford Cup for Best in Association, and the second highest winning the Runner Up in Association Cup.

There is also a Best Newcomer’s Cup, as well as the Chairman’s Cup presented  to whoever the Chairman feels has made an outstanding contribution to the Association that year.

All cups are given on a perpetual basis and must be returned for the following year’s judging.

Fruit, Flower & Vegetable Show

This started off as a very small show and has been growing each year, with members able to enter the best of their produce that year. It is held at the Keyberry Inn, usually on the Saturday of the August Bank Holiday weekend. The winner is awarded the Graham Fogwell Memorial Cup.


Our Landlords are Newton Abbot Town Council – the Statutory Allotment Authority for Newton Abbot.

Blake’s & Cooke’s Fields are privately owned and are not Statutory Allotment Fields.

Bradley, Coach Road & Decoy Fields are Statutory Allotment Fields owned by the Town Council.

We rent all fields through the Town Council and liaise with them should there be a problem on the private fields.


Secretary: Stephen Garlick
Tel: 07804 122826
Email: info@nadcaa.org.uk

Colony Administrator: Elizabeth Colston
Email: info@nadcaa.org.uk

Membership Secretary: Jane Sturley
Tel: 07387 638782
Email: info@nadcaa.org.uk

Reg. Office:

NADCAA Ltd, c/o Newton Abbot Town Council, Newton’s Place, 43 Wolborough Street, Newton Abbot, Devon TQ12 1JQ

Association Email: info@nadcaa.org.uk