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It is the aim of the NADCAA Management Committee to ensure that we leave a legacy whereby we ensure that we do everything in our power to protect, promote and ensure that safeguards are put in place today to protect our wildlife for the allotment gardeners of tomorrow.

Meryl Basham is our Environmental Officer, and over the past couple of years she has worked tirelessly organising various events and surveys, the purpose of which has been to create interaction between the Management Committee and the Members and to get them to focus on the importance of protecting wildlife and offering safe haven to species whose habitat has been destroyed or is fast disappearing. As a result allotments are becoming far more than a place to just grow fruit, vegetables and flowers, they are a haven for an increasing number of displaced species.

We have had a very favourable review by the Devon Wildlife Trust who were impressed by our policy of allowing members to turn 25% of their plots over to wildlife. With all of the developments taking place around Newton Abbot the environment has suffered badly. The allotments offer a safe haven to birds, insects and amphibians that have lost their habitat, as well as a precious corridor linking the fields to other habitats.

In addition we have had a bat survey, a bird count and a moth count evening.

Members are encouraged to put in small ponds to encourage frogs and toads, they in turn eat the slugs and snails and the need for slug pellets which are bad for for the wild birds has dropped dramatically.

We have secured a Lottery Grant part of which will be used to turn a piece of ground into a Wildlife Area, we hope to roll this out across all our fields where there is room. The Woodland Trust has donated thirty trees and we have had a small bequest that has been used to purchase more trees that will be beneficial for the area.

Watch this space for more news.

Tim Callard (Chairman)

December 2018

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Wildlife Area Taking Shape