We get very few complaints from members of the public regarding bonfires, however, the following has been agreed with the Landlords to ensure complaints are kept to a minimum.

There is one hard and fast rule – bonfires may only be lit after 4.00pm.

The Association is run by volunteers who cannot police the fields 24 hours a day therefore members are kindly asked to adhere to the following guidelines –

  • Respect the neighbours that live right next to the allotment fields (within 20 yards).
  • Try to have your bonfire on a day when there is little or no wind to blow the smoke around.
  • Light you bonfire as far away from any structure as is possible.
  • Non bio-degradable materials i.e. plastic must be removed from the allotment field and not burnt.
  • Bio-degradable material should where possible be composted.
  • Do not leave the bonfire unattended.
  • Burn dry and diseased material and try to have a quick smoke free blaze.
  • Keep water on hand in case it gets out of control.

Members must not leave a Bonfire until it has burned down and gone out.

May 2018